Depilación con hilo en Sevilla - Vanesa Rivas

The On Point eyebrows of each country!

Depilación con hilo en Sevilla

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After participating in the international Modeling Brow contest in Kiev, eyebrows are definitely culture as well as fashion.
I arrive to Kiev and I find spectacular women with incredible skins and eyebrows that called my attention a lot, very well drawn and what most caught my attention were the tails of the very short eyebrows, after 3 days there before the contest I doubted whether to make the eyebrows in their style or in my style, finally I decided not to lose my
Essence and I bet for my style, more natural eyebrows and longer tails, I thought that the different there would like but I was wrong because all the judges were Ukrainian and gave me little score for the tail that for them were very long.
My experience was incredible even though I didn't get any prize, the fact of improving myself day by day is my daily prize.

Now the fashion is of natural eyebrows although each country has its own style, if you travel this summer to other countries they will surprise you.

Depilación con hilo en Sevilla - Vanesa Rivas

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Depilación con hilo en Sevilla