Do you want On Point eyebrows? The trend this year are the Foxy eyebrows.

Do you want On Point eyebrows? The trend this year are the Foxy eyebrows, with thread brow lift. In Vanesa Rivas we tell you how to get them with this treatment or with makeup.

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The Fox eye BROWS are a trend in this 2020. This brow shape has become the secret of the celebrities to get a feline and sexy look. 


The trend in the shape of the eyebrows, like fashion or hairstyle, varies by season. In recent years, all eyebrow designers have worked on the search for a natural arch of the eyebrow, leaving them thicker and spontaneous. Gone are those fine, uve-like, highly drawn, artificial eyebrows. Now, in addition to wanting wide, innocent-looking eyebrows, the fashion for straightness is beginning to be pronounced in both men and women. The difference between us and them, is that for us we look for a finish in which the end of the eyebrow tail is raised to the temple. This form creates a "lifting" optical effect where the features of the face are directed upwards instead of downwards

When we see the result of these eyebrow designs on our celebrities, we ask ourselves how is this face's change possible simply with a different approach to waxing? Although it is true that this influences a lot, I have to tell you that in many of the most impressive results there is a trick: the thread brow lift,  traducido al español como elevamiento de cejas con hilo.

What is this technique

The brow lift with thread is an aesthetic medicine technique that consist of the insertion of fine threads of reabsorbable material, under the skin. Threse threads are placed above the eyebrow and are directed towards the temple by means of traction, in such a way that they support the skin to reposition the eyebrows straighter and higher. The results will last approximately 18 months, which is the time it takes to reabsorb a good quality threads, approximately. High eyebrows are a sign of youth. They enhance the look and take away the feeling of tiredness from the face. To create this effect, there are other aesthetic medicine treatments such as botox and also surgical solutions such as eyebrow lifting. elevación de cejas.

¿Quieres unas cejas on point? La tendencia de este año son las Fox eye brows. 1

* Eyebrow lifting result with Dra. Martinez Padilla, Seville

Can we achieve the effect without a tensioning thread?

It depends on the case. There will be cases in which we have a bushy eyebrow that can be redesigned and complete its directionality with professional makeup techniques ( there are also semi-permanent ones such as microblading ) 


The ideal to have beautiful eyebrows is to have patience and go step by step:

  1. First, a personalized study for us to analyze the current state of the eyebrows and their possibilities, as well as the expectations of each person. 
  2. In Vanesa Rivas we will always try to recover the health of your eyebrow so we will probably give you the necessary indications ( products, care, routines ) to make your eyebrow hair grow naturally. 
  3. Through professional threading sessions, we will reform the shape of the eyebrow until we achieve the best possible result, which will suit your face. To make the foxy eyebrows tipo fox, we will remove hair from the top, the bottom and the end of the eyebrow.
  4. We will teach you how to make up your eyebows to enhance the desired effect. In fact, during the process, and to make it more bearable, we can simulate the foxy eyebrows.
  5. If you still need extra help, we have the best eyebrow micropigmentation equipment.
  6. And... if you still want a clearer and younger look with higher eyebrows, you can always turn to our friends at Aurea Clinic.

Your opinion is important!!

No matter how much tendency exists, in Vanesa Rivas it is a pleasure to listen to your opinion, to know your concerns, your tastes and your previous experiences. So tell me, it is a treatment you would do ?

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