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Care your eyebrows

5 Common mistakes when taking care of your eyebrows

The care of them is primordial and I believe that almost all of us have made a mistake when waxing during all these years of our lives, I raise my hand.
When I was 15 years old, I took those tweezers that my mother always had on top of the bathroom cabinet, I closed that door and started to wax without making any sense, you can imagine the result... my mother's face said it all!

Depilación con hilo en Sevilla - Vanesa Rivas

Rowing Technique, the new Threading

The most complex technique of Rowing Technique to learn and master, but with practice and good training make this technique 100% recommendable. This innovative technique of threading makes hair removal almost painless and without any damage to the client's skin. It brings all the benefits of threading such as weakening the eyebrow hair and slowing down its growth.

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Depilación con hilo en Sevilla